Pacio is accountable, safe, fast, accessible, free, blockchain use for all


Why Pacio?

Pacio is about achieving the Pacio Vision. Other current or proposed blockchains do not provide the full equivalent of what Pacio will deliver. The Pacio strengths will permit the full potential of blockchain technology to be reached. The key differences from other blockchain initiatives are safe money and high performance at zero transaction cost, with new, better accounting and data management built in at the core to assist developers. Let ten thousand chatbots bloom!

Pacio encompasses SEA, PIM, TARI®, and API technologies, plus PIO safe money, which will together enable achievement of the Pacio Vision to deliver the "Blockchain Revolution" for all people and entities. The result will be increased safety online, more opportunities, reduced costs, less fraud, improved productivity, better bottom-line results, and better governance everywhere, private and public.

What is PIO safe money?

The intrinsic cryptocurrency of Pacio is called PIO. PIOs are the Bitcoins or Ether of Pacio. One billion PIOs are being minted to start Pacio. They are described in the Concept Paper.

As world firsts, PIOs are entitled to new issuance rewards monthly amounting to 1.25% pa, and are numbered and fully traceable meaning that stolen money can be tracked and recovered. The technology to issue rewards to PIO holders monthly when new PIOs are minted, and to number and track PIOs is a major part of the Pacio Blockchain.

What are SEA, PIM, and TARI®?

SEA, PIM, and TARI® are data management and accounting advances developed by the founders of Pacio. For entities using Pacio, these technologies will provide the most significant advance in management since the invention of the double entry system 500 years ago. They are a key part of Pacio attracting developers, who, via their applications, dapps and chatbots, will help make Pacio an everyday part of the lives of all people and entities in the world. They are described in the Concept Paper.

What percentage of PIOs will be available to the public?

80% is proposed, 0.1% in the Seed Presale, 1.6% in the Presale, and 78.3% in the full ICO, with 10% for the Pacio Foundation and 10% for founders. The word "proposed" is used because the views of presale PIO purchasers will be taken into account when finalising the full ICO plans.

Do I need to buy PIOs to use Pacio?

If you are using a Pacio based application that does not charge anything, such as a blockchain "Facebook", then no, you do not need to buy PIOs to use Pacio. You might not even know that you were using Pacio.

If you want to open an account to hold, trade, or use PIOs, then, yes, you would need to buy PIOs.

If you want to develop a Pacio application, dapp, or chatbot, and use Pacio blockchain resources such as storage and the API, then yes, you would need PIOs.

If you are interested in voting on governance issues you will need to own PIOs.

Is Pacio the Oldies Team?

Yes. The founders of Pacio are older guys with lots of relevant experience.

However, there will be no ageism at Pacio. We will be building the team with the best possible people we can hire, regardless of age (or gender or background), right across the board - CEO, CTO, CFO, developers, marketers, educators, designers, Foundation Council members etc. Like to join the winning team, Vitalik? The requirements are competence, ability to work in English, the project’s main language, and passion for helping us achieve the Pacio Vision.

Why is there an ICO?

The Pacio vision is large. Achieving it will require appreciable funding. A Pacio Foundation is planned as the main governance entity, charged with building the whole Pacio ecosystem, with software development being handled via Pacio Core. Possible budgets, subject to ICO success, are US$24 million pa for Pacio Foundation and $6 million pa for Pacio Core. The ICO will fund these. The Concept Paper gives more information.

The ICO and presale will be run on the Ethereum blockchain using an EIP20 (ERC20) standard token named PIOE, which will be transferable and tradeable. Once the Pacio Blockchain launches, PIOEs will be convertible one for one to PIOs.

Why is there a Seed Presale?

The Seed Presale will fund preparation and running of the Presale including its marketing, plus full white paper generation, and the start of team building and software development.

What is the Seed Presale deal?

Half price. Seed Presale PIOEs are priced at the ETH equivalent of US$0.10 (10 cents), which is half the planned full ICO price of US$0.20 per PIOE. There are no other bounty, "white list", or special deals.

How do I take part in the Presale?

Please see the Presale Information Page.

What currencies can I use in the Presale?

ETH only.

What wallets or exchanges can I use?

Any wallet with ETH in it that you own or control, but not an exchange account. For more details please see the Presale Information Page, which includes another set of FAQs particular to the presale.

What benefits does PIO ownership provide?

The many benefits of PIO ownership are described in the Concept Paper.

What gains can I expect from buying PIOs?

Pacio does not and cannot make any guarantees or promises about potential gains. A purchase could result in a total loss. However, PIOs will receive issuance rewards from a 25% share of newly minted PIOs once the Pacio blockchain is live amounting to 1.25% pa. Further, the Pacio goals could bring market capitalisations similar to those achieved by Bitcoin and Ethereum, or perhaps even better in time, because of the scale of the Pacio Vision. Given ICO success to provide the necessary funding, the Pacio team is wholly committed to doing everything possible to achieve the Vision. We are in this for the long haul.

The possible but not predicted or promised gains in the value of PIOs are huge. If Pacio should reach Ethereum like market capitalisation, the gain would be of the order of 27,000% for Seed Presale buyers and 13,500% for full ICO buyers. If Pacio were to reach a market capitalisation of a trillion dollars by say, year five, then the gains would be of the order of 800,000% and 400,000% respectively.