The Pacio Presale will be held in May-June 2018.

See the Pacio White Paper for details.

The Presale date will be announced here once set.

The Pacio Seed Presale held in 2017 was fully subscribed.

Thank you greatly to everyone who contributed. The funds raised are allowing us to develop the Pacio project in 2018. See the The Pacio Blog for more.

If you contributed but have not so far identified yourself, please do make contact, confirming the Ethereum (wallet) address you used to make your PIOE purchase, because we would like to be able to communicate directly with every Pacio supporter regarding plans and progress.

Confirming Your Purchase in Etherscan

You can confirm your PIOE Token purchase by using Etherscan:

  • Go to
  • Click on the ‘Read Smart Contract’ tab
  • Enter your wallet address into field 9 "balanceOf" and click Query

The result that appears is the number of Picos you own. Remove 12 zeros or insert a decimal separator 12 digits in from the right for PIOEs rather than Picos.

Adding your PIOE Tokens to Your Wallet

You can also add your PIOE Tokens to your wallet.
In your wallet, click "Add Custom Token" or "Add Token" and enter the following details:

  • Contract Address: 0x18dfd8c468ed83397C0E1caDAe01E1e65E86d275
  • Symbol: PIOE
  • Decimals: 12