Pacio will transform accounting and real time management, to help the "Blockchain Revolution" deliver its full potential benefit to the world.


The Pacio Vision is to transform accounting and real time management, to help the “Blockchain Revolution” deliver its full potential benefit to the world.

Cryptocurrency, decentralisation, blockchain, distributed ledger, and smart contract technologies provide hope of enormous positive change for business, government, and society, in a “Blockchain Revolution” which could result in a safer, more inclusive, and more productive future.

By providing the means to organise, track, and keep score of all that is happening in a standardised, easy to use, semantic way, and then to maximise the benefits, Pacio can become the default choice, the standard setter, and thereby play a key role in the revolution in progress achieving its potential.


Pacio will achieve its vision via a blockchain based accounting and real time management engine, which uses 3rd generation blockchain and distributed storage technologies to overcome the scalability limitations of current blockchain systems. The Pacio engine will provide better, content based (semantic) ways to store and process a large and wide ranging set of accounting, real time management, crypto, and real world (prices etc) information for use by applications. The data will be private or public as set by its creator or owner.

Paco will bypass the much discussed but little seen semantic web to leap forward to the accountable semantic blockchain instead, with tools to make it all easy for use in daily life. Any app with internet access will be able to use Pacio via an API (Application Programming Interface).

The API will be developed to progressively provide ten services attuned to different market requirements for apps in the decentralised and semantic blockchain era: an accounting engine, a real time management and business improvement system embodying TARI, a real time feed for oracles or apps, a better traditional accounting engine, a bridge between traditional accounting and the new, a cryptocurrency engine including inter-blockchain transactions, a governance system, a Ricardian Contracts (Internet of Agreements) engine, an Internet of Things interface, and an Artificial Intelligence interface.

App developers will be able to focus on meeting their market requirements, without needing to reinvent the services available via Pacio. This will allow better, more consistent (standardised), more useful applications to be developed faster.

Pacio will be able to work with cross-blockchain transactions via Interledger or other cross-blockchain technologies as they develop.

The Pacio contribution to the state of the art will be developed from the life time body of work of the founders, as the greatest advance in accounting and real time management since the invention of double entry bookkeeping 500 years ago.

The Pacio cryptocurrency will be the PIO. In accordance with the Pacio philosophy of transparency, PIOs will be numbered like bank notes and be fully traceable, to provide a clear trail in the event of theft. They will also provide owners with an issuance share – a share of newly minted PIOs. The PIO will be a safe cryptocurrency with a real purpose, which should prove attractive as a general cryptocurrency beyond direct Pacio use. However, Pacio will also support other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether etc via cross-blockchain links, to leave the choice of crypto to the user.

Pacio blockchain crypto transactions and some basic API ops will be free, but more sophisticated API use will involve a fee, to be paid for in the user’s choice of cryptocurrency, with PIO as the default.

The Pacio ecosystem will make it easy for PIO wallets to be established, and for other cryptocurrencies to be converted to PIO, even on the fly, so that API use payment could appear to be made in the cryptocurrency or fiat currency of the calling app.

Pacio will be flexible and tolerant, not force use of the new, but via its traditional accounting and bridge services will facilitate adoption and then encourage transition to the new semantic blockchain ways at a rate that suits users and app developers.

Pacio will provide many value propositions.

The Result

Pacio can become the default choice as the means of organising, tracking, and keeping score of all that is happening in the “Blockchain Revolution” in a standardised, easy to use, semantic, safer way, and then to maximise the benefits.

In this way Pacio will help the “Blockchain Revolution” achieve its full potential benefit for a safer, more inclusive, and more productive world.

The Pacio concepts have been decades in the making. The confluence in 2017/2018 of 3rd generation blockchains, and ICOs for funding, make them achievable.